A look back at 2019 and a new research season for 2020.

The initial research season in 2019 was mostly about exploring the possibilities and potential of the landscape for future archaeological research.

The following topics have been defined and will be the subject of targeted research in 2020:

  • Research on the importance of the sacred mountain Sulejman Too for the agglomeration of the city of Osh. The mountain itself played important role as a symbolic point around which the settlement was concentrated.
  • Interaction of nomadic (steppe) and settled (oasis) population of southern Kyrgyzstan. How could be traced this archaeologically? What about different settlement and land use strategies and patterns?
  • Settlement dynamics of tell settlement in selected localities. Continuity/discontinuity of tell inhabitation, its economy and demography.
  • And last but not least, maybe most important topic of all. There is no standard collection of archaeological finds forming the chronological and material skeleton of Kyrgyz prehistory and history. The research that took place in Kyrgyzstan was performed in the Soviet era and almost all documentation was taken or destroyed. It is necessary to create basic archaeological catalogs and indexes – a thing that we consider to be a natural part of the research of material culture in Europe.

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