Scientific research is focused on following themes:

  1. Sacred mountain of Sulejman Too (UNESCO heritage item) and settlement of city Osh surroundings. Regardless of the historical and contemporary settlement, this mountain is a dominant and magical place of different cults. In the first season we elaborated 3D model of the mountain like a starting point for further analysis.


2. Research on settlement strategies of settled and nomadic populations, especially in terms of their interactions. Generally speaking, settlement patterns in the Kyrgyz landscape are quite heterogeneous – a settled way of life usually takes the form of an oasis settlement, while the nomadic element is associated with an “infinite” steppe.


3. In addition to the purely scientific ambitions of the expedition, one of the goals is the academic and field teaching of young Kyrgyz archeology students. With the demise of the Soviet Union, institutionalized archeology in that country was virtually disrupted. Until the 1990s, research was conducted exclusively by archaeologists from central Soviet institutions.